From 2002 to 2011 I worked for BMC partner companies. It gave me the opportunity to implement various BMC Software products for clients from telecommunication, banking, insurance and pharmaceutical industries as well as government institutions.

In 2011 I established my own company - BSM Solutions - and I started working as an independent consultant.

During my career I have been working for projects in different countries: Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the USA.

I am able to perform the following activities for clients:

What customers say:

Watch IT Operations Director speaking (minute 1:05) about "the implementation we are particularly proud of is system for infrastructure and applications monitoring. We use it for business process monitoring and it is based on BMC BEM/SIM." - this implementation was done by me (project plan, architecture design, installations, customizations, rules development in MRL, service modelling and integrations with 3rd party systems).